More trees, Less assholes   

More trees, Less assholes 

The installation ‘More Trees, Less Assholes’ that I am showing in the Botanic Garden of Meise are prints of tree trunks. These replicas will be hung, around or between trees. These replicas are latex-based, prints of tree trunks.

This project grew out of my fascination with trees. For me, trees are more than just decor that fill space. They are personalities for whom I feel awe and admiration. Trees were there millions of years before and made our existence possible. A tree is a world in itself and can therefore serve as an image and symbol of the world as a whole.

To restore tree networks, we need to relearn to let trees grow old. Trees are an essence of life. So the idea arose to archive old tree trunks and present them in an ongoing art project.

I want to give the tree a stage because it is our companion the route.

Datefrom May till 30 September 2024 Location Share