Outdoor Installation in Meise Botanic Garden

I’m pleased to inform you that I present an outdoor Installation in Meise Botanic Garden. That Botanic Garden goes back more than 200 years. With 92 hectares of plants, the botanic garden is one of the largest in the world.
In the ‘Wild Meise’ area, you can find my installation ‘More Trees, Less Assholes’  , the woods which have been managed as forests for decades. Here you can walk in peace and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer.
The installation is on view from now till the end september 2024.
More info on
Adres: Nieuwelaan 38, 1860 Meise


Duo exhibition together with Christian Noirfalise @galerie Sofie Van Den Bussche

Opening 15/10 from 3pm till 6pm till 11/11/2023

Adress: Barthélémylaan 22, 1000 Brussels

Love to invite you to a “beauty” of a Group Show and Wine tasting @huisburg45

sneak preview on future events, curated by Sven Vanderstichelen

with Virginie Bailly, Peter H. Waterschoot, lucvanderveldelux, PIETER JAN MARTYN, Tom Woestenborghs

VERNISSAGE – 30/6: 18U – 22U – OPENINGSWEEKEND – 1/7 – 2/7: 11U – 16U

EXPO: 30/6 -16/7 _ VRIJ/ZA/ZO: 11u – 16u of op afspraak –


Back to Business

“Great Small Works part 2” @ stephane simoens contemporary fine art from 24/12/2022 till 20/02/2023

TEN times TWO

Groupshow from Sunday 12 June till Sunday 10 July 2022

with William Sweetlove, Christophe Malfliet, Joachim Devillé, Jo-ka (Joanna Kraszewski), Mireille Robbe, Griet Dobbels, Jean de groote, Chihiro Kondo and lucvanderveldelux

@ Gallery Sofie Van den Bussche, Barthélémylaan 22 Boulevard Barthélémy, 1000 BXL


Alfa Gallery is pleased to present: “Abstraction in Action”, a group show, exhibiting new artworks by internationally known artists, from Europe, US and South America. The specific dynamic approach to art developed by these artists, that use geometric shapes and a renewed inspiration from the “abstract geometry” movement to create advanced and up to date creative compositions that will throw the visitor in a timeless universe of organized vibrancy, thanks to balanced, pattern-like figures, enhanced by a strong dose of refreshing energy. All the artists, even if with different visual accomplishments, share a similar theoretical approach and background that strongly influence their artistic procedure.


Art Talk + Walk: Artwork in Natural Environment

Sunday 24 October @ Foundation OBRAS (Portugal)

Group Exhibition Art@work


May 14 – September 22, 2021 – Presented by Alfa Gallery

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