Luc Vandervelde Lux

Everything is Important and Nothing Has Been Thrown Away

Luc Vandervelde Art Luc Vandervelde Art

As an artist I work with recycled materials, transforming the remnants of daily life into aesthetic compositions. To create my works, the structures of discarded materials are first unraveled or dismantlesd, before beginning their second life. It’s a fascinating penetration of the world of space and time, allowing the universal patterns of personal life to be read in the reworked textiles and materials. While the stories (histories) we are permitted to see in the works remains anony- mous, our interpretation is inevitably coloured by personal experience – individual memories are entangled with those of unknown lives. In this way, we touch a universal dimension and stare into our very own future past. When the textile is recycled, its attractive force has already been lost. After the artistic inter- vention, the fabric regains its decorative function, but in an altogether new dimension. Where once it was a product with a functional and homely aesthetic, its new decorative function has a purely aesthetic dimension that deliberately wants to distance itself from a simple desire to please.

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